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Carole Kaapu

Carole Cares!

Aloha Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website. I have put my name on the ballot for the State House of Representatives District 28, Kalihi Valley and Kapalama Heights. My hope is to serve you, my neighbors and friends, by bringing integrity and family values back into all that I do.

I am a daughter of Hawaii, went to Ma‘ema‘e Elementary and Kamehameha Schools, and moved to Kapalama Heights 17 years ago. As a member of Neighborhood Board #14, I want to help our communities be safe, wholesome and thriving. I truly believe our State’s Motto: Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘aina i ka pono. The life of our land is perpetuated in righteousness. Carole Cares!

My Vision for our future includes:

° Fiscal Responsibility

° Balanced budgets.
° Cost effective and efficient provision of services and infrastructure.
° Integrity and transparency in financial matters.
° Accountability for contractors/projects that receive funding but do not work.

° Economic Stability

° Encourage Small Business
° Sustainable Agriculture and Energy
° Environmental Stewardship
° Medical Liability Reform
° Lowering the Cost of Living

° Support for Seniors
° Easier access to services for daily living, as well as for medical needs.
° Senior Centers, Meals on Wheels, caregiver respite centers all need to be championed.
° Protection from scams and other criminals that target seniors.

° Family Values
° Pro-life from conception to natural death.
° Marriage defined as a union of one man and one woman.
° Individual responsibility for our own actions.

° Smaller Government

° Legislative Reform
° Term Limits
° Smaller Legislature
° Open and Honest Legislative Process